Lead Videographer

“As a wedding videographer, my greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that we have created something amazing that the couple, the family and generations to come can return to.”

“I was inspired by my mother back in the early 80’s. Watching her with her shoulder strap VHS recorder, filming everything.

Since then I have attended film school and have been filming professionally for the last ten years.”


Lead Videographer

“I love being behind a camera because that means I’m not in front of one haha, but also I enjoy capturing things or moments in time that maybe most people missed the first time around.”



“I like being a videographer and photographer because I’m able to capture gorgeous, once-in-a-lifetime moments in people’s lives. I have the honor of being a part of their beautiful day and watching the magic happen!”



“I enjoy being a videographer because I love the idea of capturing the emotion of a moment and being able to relive it again and again.”



I've been doing editing since 2009, started as a news video editor on TV. I took this job very seriously and never stopped improving myself. I was participating in different kind of projects as a main editor but such kind of work impressed me less than editing weddings.

Every wedding film is a meeting with the couple and their love story, seeing theirs pure emotions, strong feelings and devotion to each other - touched me more than anything else.


Operations/Social Media

I love being able to capture all of the behind the scene moments of a couple’s special day. From the first look, to the bride walking down the aisle, or snapping a video of the first dance. Not only do others get to see a sneak peak of what Alumni Productions does, but the bride and groom can look back after their wedding day has come to an end, or family & friends that aren’t able to attend the wedding can see glimpses of their day. I am very honored I get to document these special moments on Alumni Productions platform. We love to team up with other vendors at the weddings and highlight their amazing work as well.

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