What is Accommodation Coin

Accommodation coin was designed and developed to offer users a industry supported and specific token/coin. The coin can be used for many different transactions within the accommodation industry.

Why would I invest in Accommodation Coin?

Accommodation coin is set to disrupt the accommodation industry buy introducing new and initiative ways to book and enjoy your travel. From a universal rating and reward system to a data sharing reward system, accommodation coin is here to change the industry for ever.

Where do I find more technical info on Accommodation Coin


Where can i find your bitcointalk thread


What wallet can I use for Acco?

We suggest trust wallet, this can be found at: http://trustwallet.com

I run a motel/hotel how can I use ACCO and benefit from it?

As a partner of the ACCO network you an use ACCO to reward your loyal customers, ACCO will be releasing our own mobile apps in the near future that will allow partners to advertise on our network to our over 15,000 members and over 4,500 acco account holders,

What is cryptocurrency ?

check out this video about bitcoin, the granddady of all cyrpto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc2en3nHxA4

Give me some Acco numbers and info!

nearly 8,000 tranasactions across our network to date over 4,000 account holders


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