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Blakely + Zak | Dream Point Ranch

"I promise to walk with God as we walk together through this life that you have made so much more beautiful for me"


This was our first time at Dream Point Ranch and we were blown away! Such a gorgeous venue! Blakely & Zak had a beautiful ceremony outdoors and the views were breathtaking. Blakely and Zak are such a fun couple to be around. They are always making each other laugh and know how to have a good time!

Blakely had a scrapbook for Zak that was filled with pictures and love notes they had written to each other. Let's just say Zak was holding back his tears all day. Their relationship is so sweet, fun, and selfless. We are so honored to be able to capture this new chapter in their lives. We could relive this day over and over!

Congratulations to the Hensleys!

How Blakely & Zak met!

Zak was speaking at a philanthropy event that I was with my Mom. I saw Zak and turned to Mom and said "I have got to meet that guy!!!" Mom spent the next few minutes scheming up a way to go say hi to him. It happened to be Zak's birthday so Mom decided we should walk by and tell him happy birthday. As we got up to go see him we realized he had already left. Luckily, Mom knew Zak's cousin and decided they should put Zak and me in contact. Fast forward a week and Zak finally added me on social media. A few days later he messaged me and asked me on a date. He picked me up and they had their first date at Yokuzuna, followed by drinks at Sidecar in Chisholm Creek. Basically after our first date that lasted hours (because it was so amazing!!) we both knew it was going to be something special. After a few more dates we just both decided we were offical!


Zak said we were going to his friends engagement party so I was already dressed up. We stopped by my condo I own (which is where we first met when he picked me up for our date). He had me go inside to "look at the leaky sink" and when I came back down he had balloons that were the n umbers of days we had known each other, a photographer and him on one knee!!! After I said yes he surprised me wit a party with all of our family and friends at Sidecar (which is where we went on our first date).

What is your favorite thing or something you love about your partner?

Zak is the MOST selfless and caring person I have ever met. No matter where he is, he always makes sure everyone around him is happy and taken care of. He always puts everyone else's needs above his own.

What are your favorite activities to do together?

We like to workout and run together, cooking and trying new recipes, walking our dog, finding new shows on Netflix, hanging out at the pool. We both have this weird habit of talking to each other and our dog in silly voices. We also always try to scare each other and get it on video.


Blakely + Zak's Wedding Team:

Videography | Alumni Productions

Newlyweds | Blake + Zak Hensley

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