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Caitlin + Dalton | Rose Briar Place


How Caitlin + Dalton met!

Dalton and I met at the church we had been attending at the time Life.Church. I came in one Sunday and he was the one of the ushers that sat me down. When our eyes met I have this weird indescribable feeling in my stomach. All through the church service instead of worshipping and watching the message he was sitting their staring at me. This same routine happened for three weeks and then I got invited to a small group movie night and little did I know that was the same group that Dalton was in. He originally was not going to make it to the movie night, but when he saw that I was going in the group he went out of his way, by driving the fire truck over to that persons hows to sit there for 5 minutes and stare at me some more and not introduce himself. After that I thought this guy was a weirdo, but that Sunday he finally introduced himself to me. About a month goes by and he asks me on our first date and we talked for hours, little did I know when I went to the bathroom Dalton apologized to the waiter for holding up the table and said I think I am gonna marry this girl. After that we went to Starbucks and had a very special and confirming moment. We had been talking about children and we got on the subject of children names and I told him for a girl I wanted Claire Elaine and a boy I wanted Christopher Wayne both of which I picked out my junior year of high school. Turns out the middle names I picked so long ago are his parents middle names and he always wanted to name his children after his parents. After that we definitely knew God had brought us together for a reason and after a year of dating Dalton got down on one knee at Lake Hefner and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.


So our proposal story is quite something. I was not expecting it at all and everyone was in on it but me of course, but my family was hungry so they all wanted to go eat at red rock canyon after we got done shopping so I said okay and when we got there they were wanting to take pictures by the lake with the lighthouse in the background well when it got time for me and my sister to take a picture, my friend asked if my sister would step out so that she could just take a picture of me because I looked good and the I heard wow it's a bit cold out here and turned around to Dalton who had sneaked up behind me while me and my sister were taking our pictures on one knee with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and the ring and then our song forever from now by sheffield was playing in the background. He did a really great job and mostly my whole close family was there along with his mom and it was perfect out on Lafe Heifner and he had the whole restaurant in on it too...

What is your favorite thing or something you love about your partner?

Caitlin: "Something I love about Dalton is his heart he has not only for me but the people around him he wants to help anyone in any way he can and i admire and adore that about him and when he loves he loves to his fullest."

Dalton: "Something I love about Caitlin is even from day one I never felt like I had to be someone else. I have never felt so at home when I'm with a person in my entire life. There's not a day that goes by that we don't laugh, tease, and have fun together. Even when I'm at my worst she loves me like Christ does. She's truly my best friend."

What did you love about your wedding venue? What made it "the one"?

I loved how romantic with a vintage touch the venue was. It was absolutely beautiful. I loved how I showed them my vision and they made it a reality without needing the help on my bridesmaids, mom, or me. They made sure that the day was all about me and Dalton and made sure everything stayed on track through out the night. It was truly a dream come true.

How did you personalize your wedding? What about your wedding was most unique?

What was most unique about our wedding is it was a very Christ centered wedding ceremony. We had hillsong united playing through out the whole ceremony and we did a foot washing for our unity ceremony. I wanted people to see not us, but Jesus through our wedding because we would not be able to love each other properly if Christ didn’t show us how to love first and ultimately it was because of Jesus that Dalton and I were getting married.

What particular moment of your day will you remember the most?

What I will remember most about that day was the humility, love, and servant hood I felt when I knelt down to wash Dalton’s feet and how close I felt to Jesus when doing so.

Any advice for engaged couples planning their own wedding?

Yes, enjoy every moment of the planning and the chaos. It will go by so fast and when the wedding day comes it will go by even faster. Do not let the bad things get you down. Always focus on why you are getting married in the first place the material things are really nice, but the love you share with your significant other is even nicer.

What would you tell another couple that may be on the fence about adding a videographer?

Getting a videographer was the best and greatest investment we made for the whole wedding. Your wedding day will go by in a blink of an eye and when you have a videographer you will be able to relive your big day every time you watch it. I know I do. Photography is nice, but it doesn’t show you those live special moments like a video does.


Allie + Weston's Wedding Team:

Videography | Alumni Productions

Hair & Makeup | Tayor X Artistry

Groomswear | Men's Wearhouse

Volkswagen Photobooth | Wolfsburg Photo Company

Bartending | Platinum Bartending

Newlyweds | Caitlin + Dalton Myers

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