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Magan + Hayden | Springs Event Venue


How Magan + Hayden met!

Both of our childhood best friends met in college and got married 2 and a half years ago. We have known of each other since they started dating, but really hit it off at their wedding! I lived in Oklahoma and he lived in Colorado, but we made the long distance work for the first year we were together and then I moved out to Colorado in January of 2019!

Our very first date was the first time I flew out to Colorado to see him a couple of months after our best friend's wedding and he took me to New Belgium (a brewery in Northern Colorado). When he proposed he took me back to that same brewery, walked me around back where there was a pretty garden and it was just us two and asked me to marry him!

What did you love about your wedding venue? What made the Springs Event Venue "the one"?

The main thing that we were really drawn to about our venue, Springs Event Venue Norman, Oklahoma, was that it looked very similar to my parents house with the dark wood and the white rock! It reminded me of home in Oklahoma. I loved that it was so stunning by itself without any decorations and I fell in love with the outdoor ceremony site!

What are your favorite memories from your wedding day?

Some my favorite memories were doing a first look with my dad and 2 brothers, Hayden and I reading our vows to each other before the ceremony, my grandpa marrying us, and then just having all of our friend and family there to celebrate with us!

How did you personalize your wedding? What about your wedding was most unique?

We personalized it by decorating it all with lots of greenery from Scott's House of Flowers, we made our own playlist for the DJ, M&M Productions, to play at the reception and then read our vows to each other before the ceremony.

What particular moment of your day will you remember the most?

Walking down to isle with my dad and seeing Hayden at the end!

Any advice for engaged couples planning their own wedding?

Remember that the day of will be absolutely perfect in your eyes no matter what happens. So don't stress about the planning or worry about things going wrong, because you will not care about any of it afterwards. All you will care about is that you are starting your life with the person you love the most!

What would you tell another couple that may be on the fence about adding a videographer?

I would say that even if you buy the least expensive package, you will be so happy that you did! Pictures do say a thousand words, but actually being able to hear my grandpa's voice when he married us, or hearing Hayden's vows to me or hearing/ watching my dad's speech will be something I will cherish for the rest of my life!


Magan + Hayden's Wedding Team:

Venue | Springs Event Venues - Norman, OK

Instagram | @springsvenue

Planner | Throckmorton Events

Instagram | @throckmortonevents

Photography | Mikayla Yeo

Instagram | @copperxpine

Videography | Alumni Productions

Instagram | @alumniproductions

Music/DJ | M&M Productions

Website |

Instagram | @okcdj

Florals | Scott's House of Flowers

Instagram | @scottshouseofflowers

Dress | D'anelli Bridal

Instagram | @danelli_bridal

Groomswear | Men's Wearhouse

Instagram | @menswearhouse

Hair & Makeup | MarloHaus

Instagram | @marlohaus

Newlyweds | Magan + Hayden Cortez

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